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Unfortunately, due to Mr Tranter’s retirement, we have not been able to find anyone who is willing to take over the stewardship of this Association and so we intend to close it down on the 31st December 2020 and to transfer any residual money in our account to the Federation of Practitioners Organisation.


Welcome to the Sussex Association of Consultants

Our aim is to preserve and promote the highest standards of clinical care in Sussex.

Reflecting the association’s concern to put patients first.

Who we are

The Sussex Association of Consultants was formed many years ago as an informal opportunity for Medical Practitioners in Private Practice in Sussex and the South of England to meet and discuss issues of common interest Impartial and policy focused. The Association has no political affiliations.

As a Board member of the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO) represents the views and opinions of Consultants with an independent practice, and seeks to influence policy developments in the private sector.

As most members are working both in the NHS and the private sectors, the Association is keen also to advise members of developments that may be relevant to their professional activities in both areas of medical practice.

Communicating and informing

The Sussex Association of Consultants has provided this web-site primarily to assist with communications amongst its members, to advise them of events that have been arranged throughout the year, and provide a register of members professional practice which it is hoped will be rolled out to the public and General Practitioners in due course.


Its members pay a nominal fee to cover expenses and meets two or three times a year to share views and opinions. Access to the site is currently open to members only through secure access.

There are a number of crucial issues that currently affect those in private practice. The decision of the OFT to refer the market for private healthcare to the Competition Commission for a full investigation and the continuing commercial practices of private insurance companies are issues that will affect all members.

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